WILD CAUGHT STRIPED BASS w/fresh lemon butter, asparagus and quinoa
WILD CAUGHT STRIPPED BASS w/fresh lemon butter

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Delicious, Healthy and Quick & Easy too! Spectacular mild tasting and skin on Fresh Wild Caught Striped Bass will get quickly marinated in a fresh squeezed lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil mixture. The Stripped Bass is then quickly sauteed and then finished with a bright, full flavored and luscious Fresh Lemon Butter. Served with Quinoa and Fresh Blanched Asparagus. A perfect dinner for any night of the week! C'est Magnifique'
active time / total time:
5 min / 20-25 min
1/2 pan
  • Striped Bass is cooked on stove top, Quinoa and Asparagus are reheated in microwave