SCOTTISH SALMON with french green lentils and vegetables
SCOTTISH SALMON with organic green lentils

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Description Serving Suggestions Ingredients
Delicious Fresh Scottish Salmon is a quick saute in the pan and finished in the oven, while the healthy and flavorful French Green Lentils and vegetables are reheated on the stovetop. We slowly cook the lentils with fresh vegetables and herbs to create a perfect base for the Salmon. This delectable French Bistro style meal is on the table in under 15 minutes and with very little effort. Relax and enjoy this comforting dinner!
active time / total
10 min / 15 min
2 pan
  • Salmon is sauteed on stove and then finished in the oven for total cooking time of 10-12 minutes
  • Lentils with vegetables is reheated on stove