SCOTTISH SALMON w/orange whiskey glaze, broccoli florets plus brown & red rice blend
SALMON w/orange whiskey glaze

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We know whiskey in the glaze may concern a few of you, however, as we slowly reduce this sauce all that's left from the whiskey is it's pure sweetness & depth of flavor, NO ALCOHOL. When combined with the orange marmalade and a touch of Dijon mustard, the glaze is an absolutely fantastic pairing with the salmon! Comes with Brown & Red Rice Blend and Broccoli Florets. Delicious plus quick & easy too!
active time / total time:
10 min / 15 min
1 pan
  • Salmon is either grilled, broiled or prepared on stovetop

  • Orange Whiskey Glaze, Broccoli Florets & Rice are all reheated in the microwave