LASAGNA ROLL UPS with organic baby greens salad
LASAGNA ROLLS with Organic Baby Greens Salad

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Lasagna just got a facelift! This lighter version starts with a yummy Bechamel Sauce (basic white sauce) and our homemade Tomato Sauce; which makes a dynamic duo of flavor for Lasagna rolls filled with Ricotta Cheese, Spinach (yes, you'll get green veggies into the unknowing and unsuspecting children), Parmesan Cheese and of course, Mozzarella Cheese. A delight for you for those busy weeknight dinners, and for the whole family with it's great taste and simplicity! And NO PANS to clean-up..Yippy!! Dinner is completed with an Organic Baby Greens Salad with your choice of any of our made-from-scratch salad dressings.

active time / total time:
2 min / 35-40 min
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  • Bake in oven 35-45 minutes