CHICKEN BREASTS w/balsamic bbq sauce plus caprese salad & roasted red potatoes
GRILLED BBQ CHICKEN w/red potatoes

enjoy for only $12.95 per person

Description Serving Suggestions Ingredients
As any good Southerner knows; whether born or transplanted here, a good BBQ chicken makes any day special. This week we are offering chicken breast to be grilled with our made-from-scratch Balsamic BBQ Sauce. Served with our fresh and delicious Caprese Salad and Oven Roasted Red Potatoes. Let the grill do the work tonight and sit back and enjoy this great meal.
active time / total
5 min / 30-35 min
grill/stove top/oven
1/2 pan

  • Chicken is cooked on grill or stovetop
    Red Potatoes roasted in oven
    Caprese Salad served chilled or at room temperature